The why and how: Exploring Art Materials

What to expect: In the workshop you will choose art material(s) that you connect with to create an artwork. We will explore how the choice of art material contributes to what the artwork is communicating.

This workshop is for anyone that is interested in the art making process and the art materials that we use to create.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • An understanding of how the art materials that we choose can communicate something about how we are feeling.
  • Experiential knowledge of how the art material can contribute towards the healing effect of art making.
  • A sense of why we connect to certain art materials and how they help us express ourselves more clearly.

Join us to explore how you relate to the art materials (pencil, charcoal, paint, pastels, clay, etc), their potential and why that is important in the process of art making.

Read this article by Nora Orbach for a deeper understanding of what inspired us to create this workshop.

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