WORKSHOP: Making Marks – A Journey with Clay

This one-day workshop is for everyone – from absolute beginners to those experienced in working with clay. You will make one or two moulded plates and decorate using various techniques.
with Kate Shand and Ashleigh Christellis


We will help you prepare one or two moulded clay plates (or if you are feeling adventurous you can make freeform plates) and decorate them using various techniques – imprinting, transfers, laser print resist, scratching, carving, painting, taking away and adding using tools, underglaze and slip. There will be a follow-up session one week later to collect your glazed and fired plates and to share.
In preparation for the workshop, we invite you to take time to explore what marks you would like to leave on your plate – a pattern from your favourite fabric? An imprint of your grandmother’s lace tablecloth? A poem or a line from a poem that resonates? A letter written in your father’s hand? A line drawing you want to copy?
If you don’t want to work with personal images or objects, we will have various options available on the day.
Book early as we can only take limited numbers. Once you have paid your deposit, we will be in touch via email to discuss your particular mark making options.

The workshop will take place at Lefika’s ceramic studio on 3 June starting at 10h00 and ending at 16h00. Lunch will be provided. The cost of the workshop is R1500. A deposit of 50% secures your place. The follow-up session will take place two weeks later on 17 June from 10h00 to 12h00. All materials will be provided (except, of course, your source material) and the cost includes glazing, firing and the follow-up session.

Your facilitators will be Kate Shand and Ashleigh Christellis. Kate is a community art counsellor who is currently facilitating two groups at Lefika. She has years of experience working in clay. Ashleigh is a full-time ceramicist and pottery teacher. We will be there to inspire, to hold and to gently guide you on your journey with clay.

The inspiration for this workshop came from Kate who created plates and transferred images and words created by her son who died as an act of remembering and honouring:
“I chose some of his writing and drawings and printed them as mirror images on an inkjet printer, I pressed them into the clay and made a print of them, I then carefully carved his letters and drawings and then left the plates to dry. I took under-glaze and brushed it on and then scraped it off leaving the black glaze behind in his letters and lines. The plates cracked, they broke, they distorted but remained complete enough to glaze and fire. It was a beautiful experience to be so completely absorbed in my son’s mark-making, noticing details in his drawings that I hadn’t seen before, loving him, being with him, and in a way taking his marks and making them my own.”

Payment details
Lefika Banking Details: Standard Bank
Account Name: Lefika la Phodiso: Art Therapy Centre
Branch code: 004205 (Jan Smuts Branch, JHB)
Account number: 422271896
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Email your proof of payment to to secure your place in the workshop.

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