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A Postcard to Myself – Online Open Studio

This Postcard to Myself activity is designed to allow a release of difficult feelings and emotions in a gentle non-threatening way. This activity helps to express bottled up emotions. And allows one to feel and reflect on their current and past thoughts and situations. Online Open Studio was created to bring our work to everyone who can’t attend our Open Studio in person. Activity by Community Art Counsellor, Gugu Manana.

Materials needed

  • cardboard paper
  • scissors
  • paints
  • paintbrushes
  • pen
  • pencils
  • charcoal
  • watercolors
  • any other art material of your choice

Postcard to Myself activity instructions

The first step is to cut the cardboard paper of choice into four equal pieces. On the one side you create a visual representation of how you feel in the moment or about a particular situation. This may be a reflection of various emotions that can be positive or negative – allow your child to express whatever they need to. The second step is to use the opposite side to write a message.

Tips to parents/caregivers

  • The activity can be done in a group setting by the whole family or by an individual.
  • Try to create a space where your child feels safe and where they can relax and think.
  • Assist your child to think about what they would like to say to a person, situation or even a thought.
  • If there is a specific incident coming up for your child, help them think about how they could have handled the situation differently.
  • Adult supervision may be needed for younger children to cut through cardboard.

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