Art as advocacy – Holiday programme term 3

Term 3 was Lefika La Phodiso’s last School Holiday Programme for the year. The theme that was explored was ‘Art as advocacy’ with a focus on what is happening in schools. The theme was chosen as many of the children from the Open Studio programmes have been bringing stories about what they are experiencing in their schools. We are finding that the children are feeling very despondent about their schooling situation. We thought this would be a great opportunity for them to tell their stories and to show the children how, even if you cannot change something, there are ways to ‘shout out’ about it, such as using art. The long term goal is to possibly have an exhibition to showcase the children’s work as a way of showing them how art can bring about awareness and maybe even change. The programme was intense and brought up a lot of the difficult feelings that the children are holding. We had approximately 200 children over the week of the programme.

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