Found object mandala

Found Object mandala – #wellnesswednesday

Make a found object mandala. Our #WellnessWednesday activities are fun, quick art-making activities for all ages. Activity and artwork by Community Art Counsellor, Alisa Ray.

This activity can be done outdoors or indoors. A mandala means sacred circle in Sanskrit. You will start to create your circle with an object that represents yourself and place it in the centre of your circle. Take some time to find an object that represents yourself. Then take some time to find other objects to expand your circle. I chose an orange to represent myself in this “kitchen mandala” because I am feeling happy today. The small semi-precious stones represent my family and friends (my inner-circle). The spoons represent things that nourish me and point towards me. The knives represent the things that no longer serve me and point away from me.

Found object mandala art activity

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