About Us

Lefika La Phodiso ‘The Rock of Holding’ is Africa’s first psychoanalytically informed Community Art Counselling training centre.

Through this specialised skills development, we are able to facilitate community outreach projects as practical placement sites for our students. Recognising the universal need and nature of psychosocial health, we have grown from our initial centre based in Gauteng and now reach interprovincial communities across South Africa and abroad. We are currently celebrating over 20 years alongside our country's two decades of democracy. 

Our Vision

To provide safe spaces in which creativity and containment nourish emotional development and strengthen relationships.

Our Mission

To build capacity for empathy by training groups of Community Art Counsellors dedicated to psychosocial transformation.

Art as therapy

Art making is an innately human instinct that overcomes language and cultural barriers and is therefore a highly effective way of engaging those affected by traumatic experiences. When art materials are engaged with in a therapeutic environment, the process may evoke different feeling states reflecting the unconscious forces that shape a person’s experience.

The role of the Community Art Counsellor is to create a safe space in which the voice of the image can be heard, understood and contained.

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