I am time #wellnesswednesday

I am time – I am Time – #wellnesswednesday

Our #WellnessWednesday activities are fun, quick art-making activities for all ages. Activity and artwork by Community Art Counsellor, Gugu Manana.

I am time – I am Time. I am 24 hours. You find me everywhere and anywhere. You choose how to spend me, how you plan me and prioritise me. I can be spent anyway. I love it when you spend me with your family! Some people need me to stand still so they can think, feel and listen. Some people think I am their enemy because they fear I may disappear. They say “time flies” and “time waits for no man”I just walk swiftly and surely; I move forward. Maybe, just maybe, somebody is looking the other way and I pass by. I may seem out of control because when I walk I seem to run. My brother, Minute, runs faster. My brother, Seconds, runs the fastest. I am a best friend, always available and consistent. I am patient, reliable and I can to heal. I give freedom just to be. I am wondering how you would use me today, how have you used me yesterday and tomorrow? Would you be my ally?

Art activity about time

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