keys to my life #wellnesswednesday

Keys to my life series (2 of 4) – #wellnesswednesday

Our #WellnessWednesday activities are fun, quick art-making activities for all ages. We continue with the Keys to my life series here. Activity and artwork by Community Art Counsellor, Gugu Manana.

We invite you to consider the questions and respond through art-making: The Backspace key is a key that deletes any character. Are there things you need to reflect on and perhaps delete and correct/edit? The Delete key or remove refers to the act of eliminating a file, text or object, moving them to the Recycle Bin. Are there things you would like to remove in my life?  The Spacebar key creates an empty space that helps separate words or other characters. What is my space? What is your space? Is there enough space for us both to grown and water each other?

keys to my life #wellnesswednesday

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