Keys to my life series (3 of 4) – #wellnesswednesday

Our #WellnessWednesday activities are fun, quick art-making activities for all ages. This is number three out of four in the Keys to my life series. Activity and artwork by Community Art Counsellor, Gugu Manana.

We invite you to consider the questions and respond through art-making: The Esc key or escape allows the user to cancel or close an operation. Do you give yourself time and permission to rest? Where can you escape to, to replenish yourself, your emotions, your body? Self-care. The Enter key also known as return key send the cursor to the next line to start something new. Could you start new things, enter new territories and the unknown? What do you fear? I am brave… even in my fears and anxieties. The End key moves the cursor to the end of the line, document or screen. What things need to come to an end? What needs to stay in the past? Can they? Could you allow yourself to move forward?

keys to my life #wellnesswednesday

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