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My creative brain – Online Open Studio

The theme for the activity, My creative brain, is to find inner artistic ideas that will inspire creative thinking and therefore expand abilities to explore using art making process. Online Open Studio was created to bring our work to everyone who can’t attend our Open Studio in person. Activity by Community Art Counsellor, Ntombifuthi Mfupi.

Art materials needed:

  • white paper
  • drawing and colouring materials,
  • glue,
  • fabric
  • glitters

My creative brain activity method:

Draw the shape of a brain and think about a creative idea you would like to express through the art making process. Take a few moments to think about how you can expand one idea into a bigger ideas. Then you can choose any materials you resonate with, ranging from fabric, colouring material, textured materials, glitters, glue and crayons. Create those ideas, and try to create as big as you can.

Watch the video here:

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