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My Internal Weather Forecast – Online Open Studio

In this Online Open Studio activity, My Internal Weather Forecast, we will use the metaphor of weather to describe, define, and identify our feelings and internal experiences. Online Open Studio was created to bring our work to everyone who can’t attend our Open Studio in person. Activity by Community Art Counsellor, Gugu Manana.

What you need:

  • journal or notebook
  • paper
  • pen
  • pencil
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • coloured pencils

Activity Method:

Check-in with yourself by using a metaphor that describes your internal experience or the feelings you hold inside. You can now reflect through writing, journaling, painting, drawing in your journal or notebooks or whatever feels right to visually communicate. Give a weather report of yourself. You can define the weather and its connected emotions however you want. When you are done, think of one or two words you are left with after the activity.

Tips for parents/caregivers:

  • This activity uses a metaphor of weather to describe, define, and identify feelings and internal experiences of children and youth.
  • This activity helps children better understand and track their feelings on a daily basis and provide another way of expressing difficult feelings and emotions.
  • The weather changes often and can be unpredictable, seasons change and bring different moods and feelings. This can also symbolise how we feel inside.
  • Help your child by letting them know that the feelings, even if they may be difficult, are common and normal.
  • This activity is great to use with the whole family as a way to check-in with each other and to connect with each other.

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