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The Trinity Session Open Day

Lefika partnered with The Trinity Sessions on their Open Day event at the Tipper in Orchards. Our Volunteens facilitated a workshop creating land art - we made jewellery from nature, used mud and chalk paint, created a leaf curtain and had lots of fun. Landscape art was opened with a lovely drumming session with Paul Boyter from Harmonics. The teenagers also participated in other activities, met people from different sectors and learnt more about what other organisations get up to.

Victor Mhlaba, one of our Volunteens who facilitated a group for children (5-6-year olds) said he enjoyed the day very much.

"It was my first group ever that I facilitated, and I was slightly anxious at the beginning but once I started working with the kids and seeing how they enjoyed themselves, I eventually relaxed, got out of my shy boots, did make the game fun by ‘cheating’, not to forget that I got help from the other facilitators and that also made me ooze out the funny Victor who loves putting smiles on kids’ faces and then BOOM we all had a lot of fun."

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