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Community art counselling training


Community art counselling trains you to use art therapeutically, in groups. It is a rich and full experiential process.



The community art counselling training takes place in two parts. The first part of the training is the online course and this covers eight modules, including an introduction to community art counselling, counselling skills, psychoanalytic concepts, group work, trauma, social action and visual research, social entrepreneurship, and bereavement, trauma and endings. This takes place via our new online training platform and includes weekly Zoom groups for reflective practice and art making. Once you have completed the online training, you can apply to Lefika La Phodiso to undertake the second phase of the process, which includes 60 placement hours, weekly supervision, summative and formative assessments that are assessed, moderated and verified.
The online training platform provides interactive and engaging content in the form of written course material, video lectures and presentations, case studies, quizzes, assignments, activities, module assessments, and additional resources such as links to videos, articles, books and readings. Each module will take approximately 30 hours to complete.

Please note: our training website is currently undergoing maintenance, but you can still commit here and will receive an email as soon as it is up.

Each student will receive free digital copies of our Lefika book series.

Speak to Rozanne if you need more information. 


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