Lefika La Phodiso ‘The Rock of Holding’ is Africa’s first psychoanalytically informed Community Art Counselling training institute.

Through this specialised skills development, we are able to facilitate community outreach projects as practical placement sites for our students. Recognising the universal need and nature of psychosocial health,
we have grown from our initial centre based in Gauteng and now reach interprovincial communities across South Africa and abroad. We are currently celebrating over 20 years alongside our country's two decades of democracy.


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  • I would like to invite you to a workshop where we will be exploring the ‘thing called self’, in relation to one another. Through the use of dreams, the group, objects and art materials we will have conversations between our internal worlds, our individual unconscious and conscious processes and the social unconscious of the the Read more

  • This workshop, by Vasintha Pather, will give you the visual language to better communicate your ideas.

  • What to expect: In the workshop you will choose art material(s) that you connect with to create an artwork. We will explore how the choice of art material contributes to what the artwork is communicating.

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Our Team

  • SOCIAL MEDIA & VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR, ARTIST, COMMUNITY ART COUNSELLOR Kamal Naran is an Artist, Community Art Counsellor and Mindful Art Facilitator. He attended The University Of Pretoria, obtained his BA Honours Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in painting. He attended Lefika La Phodisa – The Art Therapy Centre, where he did the Community Art Counselling

  • FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR, SECRETARY OF THE BOARD & COMMUNITY ART COUNSELLOR AND TRAINER Élouise Barnard is a community arts counsellor and trainer at Lefika la Phodiso, and an extra-mural art teacher at St. Andrew’s School for Girls in Johannesburg. She completed her Fine Art degree in 2009 at the University of Pretoria.

  • TRAINING COORDINATOR & DRAMA THERAPIST Rozanne is a qualified drama therapist, registered at the HPCSA. She is currently the Training Coordinator at Lefika La Phodiso – Community Art Counselling and Training Institute. At Lefika La Phodiso she is responsible for supervision and training and involved in various national community projects and participatory research interventions. After