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Parent / caregiver group

“The respect and encouragement that the staff gives the children makes us feel safe and loved.” 
– Lefika La Phodiso child
“Lefika La Phodiso is a home for everyone who enters the building.” – Staff member

It is not only the children attending Lefika La Phodiso who have experienced trauma, but also their parents and caregivers. Indeed, that the very word caregiver is interchanged with parent, gives one a clue to the fractured family structure. South Africa’s oppressive and brutal history, HIV and Aids, the current socio-economic climate and Covid-19 has clawed away at the very fabric of family. Our parent and caregiver groups meet once a month. These sessions provide a valuable bridge and learning for both the parents / caregivers and trainers. We salute the resilience and courage of these parents and caregivers.

Funders & Donors

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