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What we do

“Lefika is my home!” 
– Lefika La Phodiso child
At Lefika La Phodiso we embrace growth; both as individuals and as an organisation. We are delighted to have expanded our integrated arts offering to include drama, music and literacy. While the modalities differ, the principles remain: We use creative arts therapeutically to facilitate the recovery from trauma.

It is indeed an indictment of our society, that an after-school programme, attended once or twice a week, is the only place of safety for some of our children. This physical and emotional safe space is crucial to not only the children’s healing, but also empowers them to better navigate day-to-day challenges.

Programmes for children

Open Studio: Community Art Counselling
Open Studio operates every weekday and when funding permits on Saturdays, as well as during school holidays.
Open Studio: Art Skills
Our weekly art skills sessions aim to give the children the artistic skills they need in order to express themselves and develop their artistic potential.
Open Studio: Drama Therapy
Through the use of role-playing and storytelling, drama therapy allows the children to work through their traumatic experiences in a therapeutic and empowering environment.
Open Studio: Drama Club
Drama Club is aimed at teenagers. It builds confidence, enhances concentration skills and facilitates communication.
Uhambo (The Journey)
The literacy programme Uhambo was created to help children reclaim their voice, to tell their story.
Holiday Programme
Lefika La Phodiso’s holiday programmes are vital to children’s emotional and physical wellbeing.
Saturday Programme – Siyanakekela Arts Programme
Our Saturday programmes began in response to Covid. They take place outside in the courtyard, and depending on the lockdown levels, are attended by between 100 and 150 children.
There are enormous benefits gained when older children, under trained supervision, become mentors to younger ones. We were delighted that our Volunteens’ Programme was initiated by Open Studio alumni.
Homework Support
We offer homework support, provided by older children from private schools.
Online Open Studios
These video activities were created during lockdown and still provide a valuable resource for children, parents and people who work with children.

Other Programmes

Nutrition Programme
At Lefika La Phodiso, all children attending our programmes are served a nutritious meal. Due to the generosity of sponsors, we also give the children food parcels to take home.
Lefika La Phodiso has an ongoing partnership with Wits Drama for Life, SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ). The interns participate in the Open Studio after school programmes, as well as giving individual counselling and therapy sessions.
Volunteers play a pivotal role in our organisation, and all our volunteers are trained and supervised.
Parent / caregiver group
Our parent and caregiver groups meet once a month. These sessions provide a valuable bridge and learning for both the parents / caregivers and community art counsellors.
The supervisors at Lefika help the facilitators and interns to “unpack” and debrief the sessions by offering insight, reflection and support. Our supervision is held by HPCSA registered arts therapists.
The Arts Therapy Clinic
Lefika's 'The Arts Therapy Clinic' offers individual arts therapy and counselling sessions to children and adults. We have an annual intake of drama and art therapy interns – all registered as student arts therapists with the Health Professional Council of South Africa - and student registered counsellors.
Research and publications
Research is important to our work and we believe that the unique work at Lefika La Phodiso has made a significant global impact as is apparent from the many publications.
Lefika La Phodiso hosts regular workshops for the public. These are of a reflective and/or skills-based nature.

Funders & Donors

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