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The Arts Therapy Clinic

“The respect and encouragement that the staff gives the children makes us feel safe and loved.” 
– Lefika La Phodiso child

Drama and art therapy interns @ R250 per session
The aim of arts therapy is the intentional and systematic use of the arts to address the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, the development and integration of emotional, cognitive, psychosocial and physical functioning and personal growth.
Arts therapy embraces diverse theoretical and practical approaches, which are informed by psychological theory and practice and rooted in the conceptual and methodological practice of the arts medium. Theory and method are intrinsically interrelated in the clinical observation, planning, practice, explanation and assessment of arts therapy.

Student registered counsellors @ R200 per session
Short-term mental health prevention and intervention through psycho-education and other therapeutic methods, screening and referral.

Rates are negotiable because our philosophy is access to mental health services.

To book a session send an email to or phone/WhatsApp 065 094 2152. 

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