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Community Art Counselling

“Art speaks where words fail.” 
For over two decades, Lefika La Phodiso has run community art counselling training. While the challenges that communities face have shifted, in some areas it has been compounded, the work we do remains relevant and inclusive. So often the only way we know how to deal with trauma is to bury it. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, as it comes to the surface in destructive ways, affecting our physical and emotional well-being. Community rt counsellors give children and adults the space and tools to access these buried traumas and only then can healing take place. Our courses are aimed at people in the community, mental health practitioners, psychologists, social workers, educators and art facilitators. Community Art Counsellors are supervised by HPCSA registered arts therapists. Our community art counselling training is accredited by the Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA).

Online Training

“Finding the new way forward.” 
– Lefika staff member
Covid-19 has meant that organisations around the world have migrated from the physical to virtual world. At Lefika La Phodiso we have tried to create a balance. We have continued to run our physical open workshops for children, and have taken our community art counselling training online. Thus offering a hybrid approach or blended learning experience. Notwithstanding the limitations of online learning there are many advantages. We have been able to extend the training nationally and internationally, and have been able to invite both national and international speakers.

Funders & Donors

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