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Our objectives in the after-school programme

Read about our after-school programmes, where our mission is to provide a secure and supportive environment for children to thrive. From cultivating artistic skills and encouraging self-expression to promoting emotional well-being, our program is designed to nurture every aspect of a child's development. Join us in fostering a community of creativity, communication, and holistic well-being.

  1. Providing a safe and supportive after-school environment with caring adults

Creating a space where children feel secure and nurtured, fostering positive relationships with responsible and compassionate adults who prioritise their well-being.

  1. Learning new arts skills

Offering diverse opportunities for children to acquire and enhance their artistic abilities, exploring various forms of creative expression to broaden their skill set.

  1. Developing the ability to express themselves through the arts

Cultivating an environment that encourages and empowers children to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through artistic mediums, fostering self-expression.

  1. Encouraging children to verbalise what they are feeling

Promoting open communication by urging children to articulate their emotions, thoughts, and experiences verbally, fostering a healthy and constructive means of self-expression.

  1. Better regulation of emotions

Implementing strategies and activities that aid children in understanding and managing their emotions, contributing to improved emotional regulation and resilience.

  1. Providing access to additional support when needed

Ensuring a system is in place to identify and address individual needs, offering additional support and resources when required, creating a responsive and adaptive programme.

  1. Preparation of a nutrient-rich meal for all children attending the after-school programme

Prioritising the well-being of children by providing a wholesome and nutritious meal, recognising the impact of nutrition on overall health and cognitive function.

  1. Daily after-school sessions that are open to any and all children at no cost

Promoting inclusivity and accessibility by offering daily after-school programme sessions free of charge, providing an open invitation for all children to participate in creative activities.

  1. Facilitation of arts activities linked to themes raised in group work interactions

Creating a cohesive and meaningful experience by aligning arts activities with themes emerging from group interactions, fostering a connection between personal expression and shared experiences.

  1. Weekly supervision by an HPCSA registered arts therapist

Ensuring the professional development and well-being of facilitators through regular supervision by a registered arts therapist, promoting reflection, planning, and accountability through structured debriefing sessions and documentation.

  1. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

Implementing a continuous assessment process to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, ensuring that objectives are met and making necessary adjustments for continual improvement.

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