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Taking community art counselling online

Are you a community worker, artists, psychologist, social worker, counsellor, teacher or art facilitator looking to extend your practice – or a person who wants to explore analytic thinking and the expressive potential of image making for self-development purposes? Learn about community art counselling from anywhere in the world. Experience the eight modules and group work that form the community art counselling course online. Applications open soon for Lefika’s 2022 community art counselling course.

Click here to view a video about the training.

Interviews will take place in early December. The training will start in January until August – and will include weekly online Zoom groups.

Community art counselling was developed by Dr Hayley Berman – founder of Lefika La Phodiso, art psychotherapist, senior lecturer at Hertfordshire University and a visiting lecturer at the University of Johannesburg – and has been offered for over ten years. The courses are delivered by Lefika’s expert trainers via pre-recorded video lectures. Specialist lecturers include Dr Hayley Berman, Prof Kim Berman (professor, department visual art, University of Johannesburg and co-founder and director, Artist Proof Studio) and Luke Lamprecht (child protection and development specialist, and founder of Fight With Insight).

The community art counselling training takes place in two parts. The first part of the training covers the eight modules, including an introduction to community art counselling, counselling skills, psychoanalytic concepts, group work, trauma, social action and visual research, social entrepreneurship, and bereavement, trauma and endings. This takes place via our new online training platform and includes weekly Zoom groups for reflective practice.  Once you have completed the online training, you can apply to Lefika La Phodiso to undertake the Health and Welfare Seta accreditation process, which includes 60 placement hours, weekly supervision, summative and formative assessments that are assessed, moderated and verified. Contact for more information.

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